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Who is Generation Z?
119 views · Dec 24, 2021
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The generation after millenials, called generation Z, are people born around the year 2000.

Generation Z characteristics: born between 1995 and 2010

Generation Z characteristics: financial fears, education, student loan, employment, social media, savings, and spendings explained.

The Z generation characteristics

Generation X or GenX: Gen Xers are people born from baby boomers, between mid-1960s and early 1980s

Generation Y or GenY: Gen Yers are people born with computers, between 1980 and 1995

Generation Z or GenZ or millenials: Gen Zers are people born with Internet and around 21st century, between 1995 and 2010

Generation Alpha: Gen alpha are people born with smartphones, after 2010

In that sense, they differ from millenials, for which education is about general knowledge, and not job ready skills, and careers are not important, as they have seen that the career model of the baby boomers do not work for them anymore.

Generation Z education characteristics

They mostly choose their major based on job availability, with 39% of the latest graduating class going for medicine and health care path, 20% in sciences, 18% in biology and biotechnology, and 17% in business or corporate.

Generation Z student loan characteristics

They fear having a debt for education, do not want to have one, and are actually planning their student life accordingly, by going to college close to their parents home, in order to reduce as much as possible all extra costs.

Generation Z social media characteristics

Once again, the Generation Z is differentiating themselves from the previous generation by accessing more and more the social medias, on average 33% more than the millennials, but sharing less about themselves and in public.

Generation Z employment characteristics

They are generally not afraid to relocate and work longer hours, and most of them have taken an internship or apprenticeship, which are rarely properly compensated.

Generation Z savings characteristics

The financial products that they will acquire will be more stable and backed up by real information.

Generation Z spending characteristics

They won't accept anymore a higher margin for a product, as they are used to check online any price, and are not afraid of buying somewhere else the same product if price is inferior.
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